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“We are living at a time where we see young girls who are so sophisticated and worldly, they love fashion and have their own sense of style at such an early age — I’ve never seen anything like it in my 36 years of designing,” Kors said. “As a designer, it’s exciting to see what these girls can bring into my world and also what they’ll be doing in five years. They put their own spin on what they wear. I think the days of seeing something on the runway and just repeating it, is sort of boring and old fashioned.” The exhibition features photographs and video footage shot by the photographer David Burton in the English countryside. The subjects — who stand out for their society connections (naturally, since it is Tatler) and social media clout (how times have changed) — include the young British poet Greta Bellamacina, model Bee Bearsdworth, Princess Diana’s niece Lady Kitty Spencer and Ella Richards, the granddaughter of the late model Anita Pallenberg and Keith Richards.

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